Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR

  • HDL-32E
  • HDL-32E
Core Specifications

Size: 5.67 in x 3.34 in (14.4 cm x 8.5 cm)

Weight: 1.3 kg

Laser Sensor: Class 1 – Eye-safe at 903 nm wavelength

LiDAR channels: 32

Range: up to 100 m

Field of View (FOV): +10.67° to -30.67° vertical and 360° horizontal

Typical Accuracy: ±2 cm

Rotation Rate: 5 Hz to 20 Hz

3D Generated Points: 1,400,000 points per second (dual return mode)

Power: 9 V – 24 V (with Interface Box and Regulated Power Supply)

Output Connection: 100 Mbps Ethernet

Data Rate: 145 MB per minute

sUAS Integration: Custom payload

The HDL-32E LiDAR sensor is designed to exceed the demands of the most challenging, real-world industrial applications including aerial 3D mapping and security surveillance. The HDL-32E’s innovative multi-channel array enables navigation and mapping systems to observe more of their environment than any other LiDAR sensor. The HDL-32E generates a point cloud of up to 700,000 points per second with a range of up to 100 m and a typical accuracy of ±2 cm. The resulting comprehensive point cloud coverage within a single data stream makes the HDL-32E an indispensable part of any sensor suite.

$ 25,000 USD