Headwall Photonics Nano-hyperspec

The Headwall Photonics Nano-hyperspec mounted on a DJI S1000+
Core Specifications

Size: 119.92x76.20x76.20cm

Weight: 1.2lbs without lens

Spectral bands: 270 (400-1000nm)

Imaging Sensor: CMOS

Image Resolution: 14.8cm GSD @ 50m AGL, 47m linear FOV, 4.8mm focal length

Focal Length: Variable

Power: External

sUAS Integration: Custom, gimbal required

The Headwall Photonics Nano-hyperspec is a push-broom hyperspectral imaging sensor. This means that it needs forward movement to capture information of an area of interest. Another way to think of it is this sensor “scans” versus taking discrete images.