DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO

  • S800 EVO
  • S800 EVO
Critical constraints

Base Cost: $2,250 USD

Maximum Take-off Weight: 7 kg

Payload: Up to 2 kg

Max Flight Time: 12 min with 2 kg payload

Control Range: 2.2 mi (3.5 km)

Portability: Suitcase

Compatible Sensor: FLIR Tau 2 640

FLIR Tau® 2 640 is a thermal imaging camera offers an unmatched set of features for demanding applications through sUAS. Tau® 2 capabilities include radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30 mK), 640/60 Hz frame rates, and powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast.

Compatible Sensor: MicaSense RedEdge

The MicaSense RedEdge is a multispectral imaging sensor specifically designed for agriculture applications. It has five discrete imagers and uses a downwelling light sensor to calibrate the images.

In fall 2017 the RedEdge was discontinued and replaced by the RedEdge-M. This new sensor shares many specifications of the original sensor, with improvements found in this article .

Compatible Sensor: Headwall Nano-Hyperspec®

The Nano-Hyperspec® is an integrated hyperspectral sensor that operates in the Visible and Near Infrared (VNIR) (400 nm –1,000 nm) spectral range. Furthermore, the sensor also has the capacity of on-board data collection and storage up to 480 GB and includes GPS/IMU functionality. This allows the payload bay of the sUAV to be optimized for other needs such as video or thermal imaging. Weight and space is saved, making for a more efficient airborne solution.

Compatible Sensor: Canon EOS 5DsR

The EOS 5DsR offers the highest megapixels ever seen in a Canon full-frame sensor (50.6MP.) Targeted for clients who require optimal image sharpness for use in post-processing. The sensor includes a low pass cancellation filter to boost the maximum resolution and quality of visible images. It also incorporates an advanced 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type points, delivering incredible levels of image sharpness and accuracy across the frame.

Compatible Sensor: FLIR Vue Pro R

The FLIR Vue Pro R is FLIR’s latest thermal only sensor that is purpose-built for UAS. Building upon the FLIR Tau 2, the Vue Pro R is the same sensor, but with added functionality and convenience for the UAS use-case. These functions include direct media storage to a micro SD card, Bluetooth connectivity via a mobile app to change sensor settings, and MAVlink integration alongside PWM controls for integration to flight controllers like Pixhawk. This specific variant of the sensor has a radiometric capability, as denoted by the “R” in the name, which means there is temperature information for every pixel. Variants without this capability only glean temperature values for the center pixels. Other variants of this sensor can differ in the focal length, frame rate, and resolution.

Compatible Sensor: DJI Zenmuse X5

The DJI Zenmuse X5 is a 3-axis stabilized imaging sensor with swappable lenses. It is compatible with the DJI Inspire 1 series.

The Spreading Wings S800 EVO (S800 EVO) is a hexa-rotor for professional aerial photography. It has a strengthened and rigid frame structure, folding propellers and a folding GPS bracket, a retractable landing gear and a high-performance vibration absorber kit to guarantee the capture of smooth footage in a wide range of shooting angles. For commercial and industrial applications.

Additional Features
  • Propeller Diagonal: 800 mm
  • Storage size: H320 mm x W425 mm x L460 mm
  • Weight: 3,700 g (without sensor)